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Mobster: A reader of The Morning Line. A member of the Morning Mob. Thus, Mobster.

Description: A Cincinnati sports-lover, often outspoken but rarely offensive. After 20-plus years of reading The Morning Line, Mobsters have perfected civility while also commenting with intelligence on any and all topics, sports and otherwise.

If you come to the TML virtual sports bar, you won’t be insulted or snarked. This isn’t social media. We learn things here, while also having a helluva time.

I’ve been mastering this circus for 20 years, 17 at the Enquirer. I know the roads. I don’t pander to the Mobsters; I give them what interests them. Or try. If you’re a Cincinnati sports fan or you’re living elsewhere now and need a home sports fix, well, here we are.

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I am a retired newspaper sports columnist and quasi-expert on all things Cincinnati. The Morning Line ran on Cincinnati.com for 17 years.